British press intimidate public opinion
01.08.2018 15:22

The Skripal story increasingly overgrows with ridiculous theories. The mainstream British media spread different versions of what happened in Salisbury. The press reports that there were two assassins, and then that there were four spies. They say the Skripals and the two Britains were poisoned by the Novichok from the same container, and then Charlie Rowley stated in an interview that the box of perfume was sealed. All of this is controversial, absurd and unconfirmed.

According to Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, "the mainstream media are making almost no effort today to fit Charlie Rowleys account of his poisoning into the already ludicrous conspiracy theory being peddled by the government and intelligence agencies." He also pointed out that ITV News had inserted the phrase "poisoned by a Russian nerve agent" in the commentary to the interview with Charlie Rowley on their own website. It seems that the British media manipulate facts and public opinion.

It is interesting to note that members of the public in Wiltshire have been told to not touch any unidentified containers. Why dont the police show the perfume bottle on TV if they really want to ensure the security of civilians. "Is it not rather strange that they have not published photos of it, to see if it jogs the memory of a member of the public who saw it somewhere in the last four months, or saw somebody with it? The perpetrators know what it looks like and already know the police have it, so that would not give away any dangerous information. You might believe the locking down of the story and control of the narrative is more important to the authorities than solving the crime, which we should not forget is now murder," Murray stressed.

So, the British government has no evidence of Russias alleged involvement in the Skripal poisoning and uses the mainstream media to intimidate public opinion by "Russian threat" and the Novichok. If the UK and the USA who expelled most of Russian diplomats have hard evidence, they would have presented them and imposed new sanctions against Russia. But they still maintain silence.

It is no coincidence that a survey conducted by Sky News on 20-23 July among more than 1.4 thousand of its viewers showed that at least 74% of Britons expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of Prime Minister Theresa May. Even more, the British are unhappy with the way the government conducts negotiations on the country's exit from the EU: only 10% of the survey participants rated its activity in this issue as "good", and 78% called it "bad." At the same time, 42% of respondents believe that Brexit will be affected negatively personally, 31% are optimistic, and 18% believe that it will not affect their life in any way.