Geographical features got their names
09.11.2018 14:39

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the Government Executive order aimed at naming of geographical features on the islands of Kurils. Capes, rocks and islands were named after distinguished commanders taken part at the Second World War.

According to the government edict, the rock at the west side of the Urup island became the Ponomarev`s Rock. Cap 1st Rank Dmitry Grigorievich Ponomarev commanded the Petropavlovskay naval station in 1940-1945, was the head of airborne forces in the Kuril Islands Landing Operation during the Russo-Japanese war. As the result of the operation a great amount of islands had become the part of the USSR. Four more features got their names according to their similarity with real objects: the Arochnaya Rock, the Skala Morskih Lvov, the Pologaya Rock and the Plavnik Island.

One more Government Executive order immortalised names of Admiral Ivan Stepanovich Yumashev and Colonel Voronov. Admiral Yumashev was the chief of Soviet Pacific fleet during WWII. His troops had participated in the rout of the Kwangtung army and conquered back South Sakhalin and Kurils. Colonel Rustik Borisovich Voronov, Kamchatsky defence disposition` Chief of Staff, was one of developers of the Kuril Islands Landing Operation. During the lands liberation Soviet soldiers met with the resistance of Japanese fighting with fierce, denied to fulfil the Emperor`s order to capitulate. The Chief of Mission on liberating the islands had managed to find decision, let to implement the Landing Operation with minimal sergeants and soldiers losses. And now both capes situated near with Van der Lind Peninsula, Urup Island are named the Admiral Yumashev Cape and the Voronov Cape, respectively.

The Executive order stood in the line with the range of the Government legislations on naming the Kuril Islands geographical features after outstanding social and political activists, military commanders and diplomats. In February 2017 there were place on the map for islands named after Lieutenant-General K.N.Derevyanko and Lieutenant-General A.R.Gnechko, the USSR former Minister of Foreign Affairs A.A.Gromyko, the governor I.P.Fakhrutdinov, Sea Capitan A.I.Schetinina.