STATEMENT of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on the novel coronavirus epidemic
14.02.2020 13:48

The member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation state the following in view of the threat of the spreading of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The member states welcome the resolute measures being undertaken byáChina's government and people toáfight the epidemic and toátry and stop it spreading.

The member states express sincere condolences toáthose who have lost their family members and friends and wish a speedy recovery toáthose who have been taken ill.

The member states reaffirm their readiness toárender China the necessary assistance and toáclosely cooperate ináthe spirit ofáthe 10 June 2018 Declaration onáJoint Countering ofáthe Threats ofáEpidemics ináthe SCO Space. They call onáthe international community toástep upátheir interaction withináthe World Health Organisation so asáto be able toáensure the safety ofáthe health ofáthe public atáregional and international levels.

The member states are convinced that coordinated joint efforts asáwell asámutual support will make it possible toáovercome this emergency and toástop the epidemic form spreading.