Yekaterinburg Prepares to the SCO Culture and Art Festival
28.01.2009 15:40
Festival of Culture and Art of the Shanghai Cooperation Organizations nations will take place this June in Yekaterinburg. Hundreds of artists from the SCO member states and observer countries will come to the capital of Ural.

Head of the CIS Cultural Cooperation Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Natalia Vorobieva told that approximately 350 artists from Kazakhstan, China, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan will take part in this festival. According to her, within the festival framework artists will go through the Middle Ural cities; stress will be laid on cultural traditions of the SCO member states. A big gala concert will be organized in Yekaterinburg. Expositions of the citys museums will have been renovated, and a large-scale exposition of the SCO nations domestic crafts organized for the summit.

Deputy Minister of Culture of Sverdlovskaya oblast Petr Strazhnikov noted that it is federal authority that is making cultural component arrangements, and we try to supplement the programme. For example, by nations domestic crafts. In addition, according to him, in June the Ural capital will host the Hermitage Museum exposition devoted to the Orient.