Russia and India to Loft a Radio Telescope
10.03.2009 09:45
This year Russia jointly with India plans to loft a new radio telescope. It will be 10 meters in diameter and will have a mounted detector cell, which was developed by the Indian specialists, said the director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Boyarchuk in the course of the Moscow-Delhi video space bridge, whose main subject was the two countries partnership in cosmic exploration.

Russia and India also intend to cooperate in creating an ultraviolet telescope, which will be used to take photographs of various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum of celestial bodies. Speaking about the existing bilateral space projects, Boyarchuk mentioned Russias participation in the Luna-resource exploration program (it is called Ola in India), as well as its construction of a lunar rover by order of the Indian partners. India in turn contributes to implement the solar study project. The Russian satellite Koronas-Photon, launched at the end of January, is equipped with Indian devices registering x-ray emission.