InfoSCO Began to Speak Chinese
26.03.2009 14:12
The InfoSCO internet portal now "speaks” three languages: on March 27, besides the Russian and English version the Chinese one will appear. The purport of this step is obvious. China is one of the "frame" countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, its geographical homeland, which is reflected in the structure’s name. Today almost a quarter of the planet’s population speaks Chinese. The Chinese language is not only the first language of the huge superpower, enjoying authority over the world, representing weighty political and economic force. It is also a communication language for a large number of Chinese living in other countries. Furthermore, many foreigners outside the Celestial Empire can speak Chinese, or take an interest in it; it is actively learnt by youth from various continents.

By opening the Chinese version, we attract new netizens. Everybody who can speak Chinese have an opportunity to better understand goals and challenges of SCO, the idea of the “Shanghai Spirit” enunciated by it, of which the main substances are confidence, equality, respect, as well as to learn the Organization’s practice, the important results it has already achieved.

We welcome our new audience with respect and thanks, being hopeful that the word addressed to it will find a response inwardly, and will arouse its interest. On the occasion of the InfoSCO internet portal Chinese version’s opening we are publishing here the welcoming address of the Chinese ambassador to Russia Mr. Liu Guchang.


By the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to the Russian Federation Liu Guchang on the occasion of the InfoSCO internet portal Chinese version’s opening

In the name of the Chinese Embassy to Russia I congratulate the InfoSCO internet portal on the Chinese version opening and welcome its numerous visitors, who are not indifferent to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization activity.

From the date of the Organization establishment its basic principles became mutual trust, equality, respect for different cultures, ambition to jointly develop the “Shanghai Spirit”. SCO tackles vital today’s problems and maintains peace through dialogue and intergovernmental consultations, goes along the road of international cooperation and co-development.

Not being a military bloc, SCO does not oppose itself to any third party, standing by its principle of external openness. In maintaining peace and stability in the region, strengthening mutual co-operation between its member states the Organization achieved high results.

In the SCO space friendly, good neighbourly relations reign based on mutual confidence and business cooperation. In the international arena SCO is a mode of peace, partnership and openness. The world community, analyzing the Organization’s steps, considering its practical specifics, understands and approves the SCO activity more and more.

In conditions of changed international situation, in a difficult period of financial crisis the SCO’s strategic role in maintaining peace in its space and promoting regional development is particularly significant. I believe that the SCO countries will continue collaborating and strengthening their power, together opposing to challenges and will be able to make even more contribution to safeguarding peace in the region, to its good headway, which will bring more happiness and welfare in every house.

The InfoSCO portal plays an important role in popularization of the “Shanghai Spirit” ideas, the SCO Charter, in information coverage of the Organization development process, extension of its influence, as well as in people getting to know each other. The Chinese version opening enables our country’s audience, and all people speaking Chinese, to better understand the SCO development conditions, to know the important results achieved by the Organization. I hope that thanks to the InfoSCO portal’s effective work more and more people will appear, not indifferent to this international organization activity setting so high and noble goals. I hope that the InfoSCO portal will work as SCO does — permanently advancing!

I wish joy to all visitors of the InfoSCO portal!