Russia and Kazakhstan Offer Consultations on Conservation of the Ural River Ecosystem
12.05.2009 10:44
Deputy Governor of Orenburgskaya oblast Sergey Gorshenin took part in consultations on the Ural transboundary river basin ecosystem conservation. The meeting was held in Astana.

Last December Dmitry Medvedev and Nursultan Nazarbayev approved Russias and Kazakhstans joint operating plan for 2009-2020, under which the two countries Environmental Ministries were assigned to form before end of 2009 a Russian-Kazakhstan Intergovernmental Commission on conservation of the Ural river ecosystem. The Ural river is exceeded in extent (2 428 km) only by two European rivers Volga and Danube. 1 164 kilometers of the river bed go through 10 regions of Orenburgskaya oblast. The floodplain fed by water of more than thousand little rivers of the basin, represents a unique ecosystem. Against the background of diverse fluviolacustrine landscapes traditional birds and animals habitats are situated here.

In 2006, thanks to efforts of Heads of Orenburgskaya and Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya oblasts and support of Mazhilis (Parlement) of Kazakhstan, a question of necessity for the Ural river basin ecosystem conservation was included in the list of intergovernmental issues discussed by adjoining states governments.