The SCO Summit-2039 Business Game Held in Yekaterinburg
14.05.2009 09:05
The SCO Summit-2039 international business game is being held at Ural State University of Economics.

As noted in the university information and public relations department’s message, the game task is to model life on the Earth in the middle of the XXI century when the world will be governed by those who are 20 now.

“The time machine” is the intelligence of a hundred and fifty students, graduate students, young scientists from all the SCO member states and some countries entering the Organization orbit (Mongolia and Armenia),” the message says.

The president of the Eurasian economic club of scientists Serik Nugerbekov, representative of Sverdlovskaya oblast in the Federation Council Alexander Shkolnik, Chairman of Sverdlovskaya oblast Government Victor Koksharov, Deputy Chairmen of the State Duma Valery Yazev and many other politicians, public figures and scientists are among the business game invitees.

Within the framework of the game 8 teams are developing a prototype of supranational world currency. The event program also provides a meeting of the heads of the SCO-2039 member states, teams presentation, a session of debating club and works committees “Geopolitics”, “The world economic model”, “Ecology and food safety”, “Intelligence and innovations”, “World and youth”, “Road map”. The entertaining program of the game includes the “Friendship Ball”.