Experts Preparing the SCO Agreements on Automobile Transportation Facilitation
02.06.2009 09:23
The tenth workshop panel on preparation of an intergovernmental agreement of the SCO member states on international automobile transportation facilitation will be held in Moscow on June 2-4. The agreement must create a legal framework for the development of multilateral international automobile communications, both between the SCO member states, and in the China-Europe direction along the transportation corridors of the SCO member states.

Questions relating appendices to the agreement will be discussed at the meeting that must identify the major highway routes of SCO, a list of multilateral vehicle access gates, as well as the functioning of the system of authorizations for automobile transportation between the SCO member states.

The parties will also discuss the period of the next meeting of Ministers of Transport of the SCO member states and a joint statement of Ministers of Transport following the results of the meeting.

Upon completion of the meeting of experts, on June 5, a round-table meeting The SCO countries cooperation in the field of transport with the view of promotion to international traffic and simplification of border crossing procedures in the region will take place. Representatives of transportation agencies of the SCO member states, nongovernmental international transport organizations, Association of International Road Carriers, rail carriers and research organizations will take part in the roundtable meeting.

The meeting of experts and the round-table meeting will be held in the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.