Russian Humanitarian Assistance for Tajikistan
06.07.2009 14:25
149 cars of wheat flour (9552 tons) to be sent in 3 directions to railway stations of Dushanbe, Kurgan Tube and Khudjand for unloading and further redistribution among Tajikistans population are currently on the route from Russia. It is reported by the State Stockpiles Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. The assistance is given in accordance with the Russian governments order within the framework the UN World Food Program on rendering humanitarian assistance.

The Russian Federations aid will be distributed by the Tajik government. Earlier it appealed to UN and other international organizations for urgent help in rectification of the consequences of natural disasters that had fallen upon the country this spring. As a result of heavy and continuous rains in different regions of the republic inundation, floods, torrents and landslide happened.

Altogether natural disasters covered 40 cities and regions of Tajikistan. The government of the Republic of Tajikistan informed that the amount of damage, at a rough guess is more than $100 million.