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20.10.2017 16:13
SCO Secretary General meets with MBA students from St Petersburg
19.10.2017 16:15
Statement by the Mission of Monitors from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on monitoring the preparations for and holding of the election of the
16.10.2017 16:16
Rashid Alimov: The presidential election in Kyrgyzstan was conducted in a well organised manner and in strict compliance with the new procedures
13.10.2017 16:18
SCO mission observes Kyrgyzstan’s presidential election
12.10.2017 16:18
Kyrgyzstan’s presidential elections: SCO observer mission begins work
11.10.2017 16:26
SCO-Afghanistan: meeting of the Contact Group held in Moscow
10.10.2017 16:24
Prospects of expanding trade and economic cooperation in SCO region discussed at Moscow conference
26.09.2017 13:34
Rashid Alimov: “The conjunction of national and common interests, and their synergy makes the treaty stable and beneficial for each and all of its par
22.09.2017 13:24
Press Release on the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
21.09.2017 13:23
SCO Secretary-General meets with IOM Director General in New York
Magazine "InfoSCO"
Dear readers!

The first issue of the InfoSCO information-analytical journal was published in June 2009.

The presentation of the publication took place during the summit of the SCO in Yekaterinburg. The first number of the journal was issued in three language versions at once: in Russian, Chinese and English. The journal aroused much interest both of members of official delegations of the SCO member and observer states and numerous journalists accredited to cover the summit in the International Press Center. PRC representatives showed a special interest in the journal because the publication was nearly the only source of information in the Chinese language.

The idea itself to create a specialized information-analytical periodical for the SCO was suggested more than once. Our understanding of this task is based on a principle of respect for each country’s interests, priorities of positive aspects of intergovernmental dialogue, compliance with norms of journalistic ethics. The journal carries the best works of journalism and opinion pieces published on our Website, as well as other publications’ materials. Furthermore, we try to fill the journal with interesting actual and illustrative information, make it useful for everyone who is interested in the SCO subject area.

As for now the InfoSCO journal will be issued quarterly in three language versions in an edition of 10,000 copies. The system of the journal distribution covers both a long list of regular subscribers, among which are official government bodies of the SCO countries, governing structures of the largest companies and corporations, and international business and social forums, exhibitions, art and cultural events.

In connection with the first issue of the journal we have prepared a special offer for the InfoSCO portal readers – an opportunity to receive the journal by mail free of charge! To receive a journal, please specify a subscriber’s delivery address and contact details in the form below:


К сожалению, количество бесплатных номеров журнала ограничено!