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Silk Road-2018 is a new step in development of rally-raids
12.01.2019 12:27

Silk Road is a international rally-marathon held since 2009 at territories of Russia, China, and Central Asia States. Its participators compete in the two following race categories: offroaders and trucks.

Manager of Project International Rally Silk Road, Vladimir Chagin, told us about peculiarities of this year race: Football Championship held in Russia and hosted by eleven Russian cities at the supreme organizational level have recently completed. In several days, sportsmen and teams from about thirty countries of the world set out in a sport journey across Russia what marked the start of Silk Road-2018. we and our colleagues have been making our best to show to the whole world our culture, nature, and our attitude to sports. we are inspired by a common goal consisting in promotion and popularization of sports. we are going to achieve a great success together, united we stand.

Manager of European Bureau of the Race, Frederic Le Quien said: we would like to thank all participants who have given credit to our race. we have just recently witnessed the unique rally in every sense of the word. Silk Road 2018 involves the following features: interesting route, tension, and fantastic atmosphere of each stage. I can responsibly state that the rally Silk Road has a great future!

The route of the eight rally-raid edition was laid across territories of Astrakhan, Volgograd, Lipetsk, and Tula regions as well as Republic of Kalmykia. This year, racers set out from Astrakhan. Racers made about 3.5 thousand kilometers.

The Entry List of International Rally Silk Road 2018 was a surprise for fans because both the offroaders event and the truck event include participants being leading representatives of global rally-raids. The trajectory turned out to be quite complicated to get through even for the most famous racers. Fifteen race crews dropped out of the contest due to failing to get through this complicated route of the Russian stage all the way. Only 64 of 49 teams managed to make way up to Moscow.

Today, the best four-wheel drive cars of the world get together in here, competition of car manufacturers and race crews is underway. This year, there is many cars and design solutions available. Its worth mentioning that there were several overturns and failures during the race. This is a sports contest what means that each of competitors strove to get higher in the leaderboard. Thus, only the strongest managed to finish!, said Russian race driver Vladimir Chagin.

The second part of the rally Silk Road 2018 was held in China from 23 through 28 September. The Chinese stage trajectory was laid among incredibly beautiful dunes of the Gobi Desert in Alashan Yuci what was obviously fascinating for fans and challenging for participants. Silk Road 2018 became a new step in rally-raids development.

The Project was supported by state authorities of hosting countries what gave the rally the status of an important international sports event. At that, initiators of the international rally-marathon stay loyal to their principles and make their best to correspond to the following motto: each race shall be better then a previous one and shall get something new in terms of its arrangement.

Since 2016, the rally Silk Road has been representing a prominent sports project jointly hosted by Russia and China. This is not just a car race running through Euro-Asian continent. This journey facilitates strengthening the friendship between nations of Russia, China, and other member countries of SCO.

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