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Russia celebrates the 75th anniversary of victory in Battle of Stalingrad
08.06.2018 16:23

On February 2, Russia celebrated the 75th anniversary of theNazis' defeat in the BattleofStalingrad, the bloodiest battle in history. According to the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the celebration of the annual anniversary of victory inBattleofStalingrad is an event of Federal status. Russian President VladimirPutinattends a ceremony inVolgograd.

The epic battle on the western bank of the Volga was a fight to the death. It had brought the Red Army victory, whose soldiers displayed exceptional heroism. The Battle of Stalingradturned the tide of the World War II in favor of the USSR. After this battle, the fascist troops had fallen back.

Numerous events have been organized on the territory of Volgograd (Stalingrad) and other cities of the Russian Federation: military parades, air shows, artillery salute, outdoor festivals, colorful fireworks. The Soviet Union paid a high priceforthe victory in the Battle of Stalingrad - the number of killed (including not only soldiers but also civilians) was about seven hundred thousand people. The invaders, in turn, lost half a million men, the army under Field Marshal Paulus and the commander himself were captured. Hitler announced three days of mourning in the Reich for the first time since the war.

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