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SCO Business Council discusses intellectual property issues
18.01.2015 15:38 Valery Minin

The Alexander House in Moscow hosted a roundtable organized by the SCO Business Council. The centerpiece of the discussion was Importance of Intellectual Property for Actual Integration Processes of SCO Innovative Economies.

The event was attended by Sergei Kanavsky, executive secretary of the SCO Business Council, employees of the SCO Business Club Denis Tyurin, Vladimir Gorbanovsky and Valery Bas, and also the Business Club’s representatives in Turkey and Iran Vasily Isaul and Alexander Sharov.

Researchers and experts interested in the problem were invited to the discussion. They included Oleg Demikhov of the SINO-RUS Association for Development of International Trade and Economic Relations, Ivan Bliznets, rector of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property, Li Feng of the Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia, Sing Long of the Greenwood international trade and exhibition center, Yelena Krasnova (EnergoStil), Konstantin Bakulev (the Institute of Social and Economic Modernization), Pavel Provintsev (the Russian Fund for High Technology Development) and Iranian researcher Bekhruz Abtakhi.

The discussion was opened by Sergei Kanavsky, executive secretary of the SCO Business Council. He shared his view on the problem of intellectual property protection and said that the SCO Business Council was willing to support ideas and initiatives voiced at the meeting.

The main speaker at the roundtable was Doctor Ivan Bliznets, a renowned Russian legal expert and rector of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property. He described the situation in the area and existing problems and also offered a number of possible solutions.

The participants exchanged opinions and expressed their views on issues related to intellectual property and voiced proposals to create a single patent for the SCO member states and a single agency responsible for intellectual property. The initiative envisages the setup of a single, independent patenting system in the SCO.

The SCO’s desire to set up such a structure seems quite natural. For example, under national laws and international treaties, a trademark is protected only on the territory of the country where it is registered. In each country, a trademark is registered at a national patent agency. In other words, registration of a trademark in one country (for example, Russia) does not prevent a third party from registering it in any other country.

If there is interest in foreign markets, it is absolutely necessary to timely register a trademark in corresponding countries. The reason is that the so-called squatting – registration of a trademark that is well-known, but not registered in a given country by a third party – is quite developed in some of these countries. Later this third party demands a huge compensation for this trademark; attempts to sue it back also result in huge expenditures.

The participants of the roundtable also considered making the procedure of issuing titles of protection, valid in all SCO member states, easier and cheaper, streamlining protection of copyright holders’ rights within a single patent space. A single patent system should give applicants numerous advantages, such as making patenting faster and easier; a single patent valid in all the SCO member states; a legally stronger patent as it will be issued only after substantive examination, while national legislation in some countries does not envisage examination (a registration system).

There are not enough experts to carry out this idea, and the participants discussed the problem of training patent engineers. Education programs have already been developed, standards defined and the entire package has been submitted to the Russian Education and Science Ministry. The roundtable discussed the possibility for the SCO Business Club to announce master’s programs and advanced training programs for patent engineers at the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property. The next proposed step is to set up an auction of intellectual property exchanges that will serve as a platform for meetings between patent holders and businessmen.

The parties also discussed other countries’ experience. Namely, they spoke about Belarus, which had already adopted laws that encourage support to intellectual property and where research institutes receive different privileges.

The SCO Business Club was asked to assist in the setup of a special charity foundation to support developers of new technology.

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