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SCO information stand installed in Bangkok
24.11.2017 14:51

On 21 November 2017, an Information Stand ofthe Shanghai Cooperation Organisation opened atthe United Nations Office inBangkok forparticipants and guests ofthe Second UN Ministerial Conference onRegional Economic Cooperation and Integration inAsia and the Pacific.

The SCO Information Stand provides the key information onthe state oftrade and economic cooperation withan emphasis onthe economic performance ofthe SCO member states. Brochures, diagrams, drawings and figures offer details onhow the transport system inthe SCO functions and onthe use oftheir transit and communications infrastructure. Visitors also have the opportunity tolearn aboutthe operation ofthe SCO economic mechanisms.

A significant part ofthe information is dedicated tothe Agreement signed in2014 inDushanbe betweenthe governments ofthe SCO member states onthe facilitation ofinternational road transport, which has created a new and unique multilateral authorisation system forthe transit ofgoods fromthe Pacific tothe Baltic Sea using end-to-end routes.

On 23 November 2017, the UN Office inBangkok will host the first joint high-level side event co-organised bythe SCO and ESCAP, Towards Regional Transport Connectivity, attended byparticipants frommore than50 countries inAsia and the Pacific.

The SCO Information Stand atthe UNESCAP headquarters inBangkok will be open untilNovember 24, 2017.

The Second Ministerial Conference onRegional Economic Cooperation and Integration inAsia and the Pacific is held from21 to24 November 2017 atthe United Nations ESCAP headquarters inBangkok. Its participants are considering economic cooperation inthe vast region ofESCAP, withan emphasis onsupporting the implementation ofthe 2030 Agenda forSustainable Development. They also discuss removing obstacles towider market integration aswell asstrengthening regional financial cooperation.

At the end ofthe Conference, a Ministerial Declaration onRegional Economic Cooperation and Integration inthe Asia-Pacific Region is tobe adopted.

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