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13.09.2018 12:58
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will take part in the First China International Import Expo
01.08.2018 15:22
British press intimidate public opinion
08.06.2018 16:27
Customs services of the SCO member states are expanding cooperation
08.06.2018 16:23
Russia celebrates the 75th anniversary of victory in Battle of Stalingrad
08.06.2018 16:21
International Reconstruction Fund is vital for Syria
08.06.2018 15:51
Sergei Shoigu urged the SCO to create tools against the penetration of terrorism
08.06.2018 15:48
The SCO and the United Nations are interested in strengthening anti-terrorist cooperation
08.06.2018 15:38
Co-operation of Russia and China in agriculture will increase
15.05.2018 15:31
Theresa May sacrificed Salisbury for her political ambitions
12.04.2018 11:22
A a mousetrap for Theresa May
SCO and UN to step up cooperation in preventive diplomacy
22.11.2017 14:51

On 20 November 2017, SCO Deputy Secretary-General Wang Kaiwen met withSpecial Representative ofUN Secretary-General and Head ofthe UN Regional Centre forPreventive Diplomacy forCentral Asia (UNRCCA) Natalia Gherman atSCO headquarters inBeijing.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Wang Kaiwen congratulated Ms Gherman onbeing appointed Head ofUNRCCA and onthe 10th anniversary ofestablishing the UN Regional Centre forPreventive Diplomacy forCentral Asia. He expressed hope that "UNRCCA would continue making every effort tostrengthen cooperation incentral Asia and secure regional stability."

Natalia Gherman shared UNRCCA plans and prospects withWang Kaiwen. "Given that the UN and SCO are two major international organisations inthe region and two key partners, we deem it necessary tostrengthen the efforts ofthe UNRCCA and the SCO inpromoting regional stability," she said. Wang Kaiwen assured the UN Special Representative that "the SCO would step upcooperation withthe UN and its specialised institutions invarious areas ofmutual interest."

The head ofthe UN Regional Centre handed overan invitation addressed tothe SCO Secretary-General totake part inevents dedicated tothe 10th anniversary ofestablishing the Regional Centre forPreventive Diplomacy forCentral Asia, which Wang Kaiwen accepted withgratitude.

The conversation was held ina warm and friendly atmosphere.

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08.06.2018 16:14
SCO forum has become an effective platform for discussing topical issues
08.06.2018 15:30
China urges to abandon "Cold War mentality"
09.04.2018 15:25
6th International Business Forum SCO Moscow Business Dialog: new quality and dynamics of economic cooperation
07.12.2017 14:55
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SCO information stand installed in Bangkok
24.11.2017 14:51