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10:22Phnom Penh
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Statement of Russias, Afghanistans and Pakistans Foreign Ministers
01.07.2009 12:22
In accordance with the assignments of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari that were given subsequent to the results of their trilateral meeting in Yekaterinburg on June 15, 2009, the three countries Foreign Ministers S.V.Lavrov, R.D.Spanta and S.M.Kureshi discussed prospects for trilateral cooperation.

The ministers agreed to intensify cooperation in the sense of other initiatives of the international community in the field of struggle against terrorism, counteraction to drugs illicit production and trafficking, as well as the advancement of good neighborly relations, regional stability and sustainable development.

The ministers, particularly, decided to study the trilateral cooperations potential in fields such as border control, exchange of information of terrorists and terrorist organizations activity, law-enforcement officers training for struggle against terrorism and drugs, as well as the encouragement of tolerance and intercultural dialogue, making trilateral cultural and humanitarian exchanges. They recognized that it does not seem possible to counteract the terrorist threat by power measures only, and these measures must be supplemented with national and international level efforts directed to promotion of socio-economic recovery and development of the region.

The ministers underlined that income from the illicit drug trafficking is one of the main sources of terrorist activities finance. They expressed confidence that the fight against the drug menace must be activated, concentrating attention on all the elements of the narcotic chain: drugs cultivation, production, contraband, consumption and precursor supplies. The ministers called the international community in Afghanistan in the partnership with this country government to take additional concrete steps to intensify the struggle against the drug menace.

The ministers reached one opinion that the efficiency of struggle against the illicit drug trafficking must be enhanced by implementing the assistance programs in the cultivation of crops alternative to drugs in rural districts of Afghanistan. The ministers agreed upon necessity of trilateral economic cooperation, particularly in point of working out ways and means to assist the regional trade, increase the international investment and develop projects in the energy, transport, infrastructure and professional training fields. They underlined the importance of measures to create a favorable investment climate and stimulate direct contacts between business communities.

The ministers once again confirmed their countries intention to extend cooperation on the issues of mutual interest, in UN, under the aegis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, as well as within other international and regional forums.

The ministers agreed to examine and elaborate a unity of approaches and vision of ways of safeguarding of peace and regional development.

The text of the statement is taken from the publication on the SCO Secretariat web site.
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