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28.06.2011 12:05

China information center

This year, China and Russia will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation. Over the course of these years, the two countries strategic interaction has developed significantly, benefitting both nations and contributing to stability in the region and in the world. Now, the second, probably, golden decade of Chinese-Russian bilateral relations is beginning.

Strategic trust is extremely important

Relations with Russia hold an important part in Chinas international relations. China and Russia share a border of 4,300 km. Russia is Chinas most important neighbor. If it has problems with Russia, its relations with neighboring countries will deteriorate as well.

Since 1949, relations between China and the Soviet Union and then Russia have fluctuated significantly: the parties passed the stages of a honeymoon, and then an alliance, overcame significant crises and even serious antagonism. Then, thanks to joint efforts, the relations gradually restored.

The history of their bilateral relations proves the extreme importance of mutual trust for the future. The Treaty of Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation is based on the historical experience of bilateral relations and symbolizes the peaceful concept of many-century friendship and rejection of animosity forever, determining the model of Russian-Chinese partnership, which is crucial for improving political trust between the two countries.

Joint efforts to democratize international politics

Interaction on regional and international issues is an important area of the two countries strategic partnership. They have a common or similar stance on important regional and international issues, advocating democratization of international politics, shaping of a fair and rational political and economic order. The two parties interact closely on important international issues, such as prevention of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and six-party talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Since the beginning of the new century, the challenges faced by the humankind have been forcing the international community to regulate the world order. The rise of emerging economies led by BRICS has a significant influence on the international system. China and Russia are members of both BRICS and the G20. Obviously, the new world order cannot be established without their participation and contribution. The parties have a positive impact on certain international affairs, which influences the world order.

Broad prospects for developing trade and economic cooperation

China and Russia are becoming increasingly complementary in the economic sphere. Development of trade and economic cooperation is an important part of their bilateral relations, with mutual turnover having grown six-fold, from $8 billion in 2000 to $60 billion in 2010. The parties consider each other a key foreign trade partner and conduct fruitful cooperation in the energy sector. At the moment, China is the worlds biggest trading country, its total trade turnover last year being about $3 trillion and its turnover with the EU and the US exceeding $300 billion. By comparison, Chinese-Russian turnover is insignificant.

The parties may expand cooperation not only in the oil and gas sector, but also in new power generation, finances, aircraft-building and other promising areas. In the next decade of friendship, the two countries are willing to promote exchange and cooperation in education, culture, healthcare, sports, mass media and tourism. Chinese-Russian bilateral relations will be getting stronger, yielding good results.

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Chinese premier to visit Uzbekistan, Thailand
28.10.2019 17:39
Cooperation Across the Continent: How Russian-Chinese Relations Evolved in Recent Years
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