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Russian Minister of Energy: we have a great potential in cooperation with China
03.09.2012 10:03

Exchange of new technologies and experience is the most perspective direction for Russian- Chinese energetic cooperation, - was announced by Alexander Novak, Russian minister of energy, in the interview to Xinhua news agency, Jingji Zhibao and Russian news agency Interfax.

According to the words of Russian minister, potential of our cooperation with China in all directions, including energy sources supply is still very big, - he said. But we should speak not only about energy sources but about technologies exchange as well, and about Russian companies participation in projects on Chinese territory, and in Chinese companies participation in our projects, i.e. about interchange of experience.

We could cooperate more actively in the field of creation of joint ventures on construction of energy and electrical equipment in Russia and China, says Novak. As for cooperation in electric grid industry, the right direction is construction of high voltage lines from Russia. For today we already have a working high voltage line with 500kW. In 2012 we plan to supply about 1,3 bln kVt/h to China and to reach estimated capacity of 4,5 bln kV/h. The agreement between Inter RAO UES and State electrical corporation of China, the cooperation is planned for 20 years. During this period Russia undertakes to supply China with more than 60 5 bln kV/h.

There are also a lot of projects in oil industry in the last years. An agreement about construction of a pipeline Skovorodino-Mohe was signed, the construction project was finished in 2010 and in 2011 oil started going via this pipeline. Last year China received from Russia 15 million tons of oil. The agreement was signed for 20 years and its planned to supply 300 million tons of oil for this period. Now China asks for additional supplies and Rosneft company is about to make a decision, - the minister announced.

Among the projects which are being realized now Alexander Novak mentioned construction of oil refinery in Tianjin. Besides, our companies largely cooperate in the field of geologic exploration, for example, now we are studying Veninskoye oil field on Sakhalin-3 and such projects as Magadan-1 and Magadan-2, - he informed.

Particularly important is cooperation in gas industry. The negotiations are conducted between Gasprom company and Chinese national oil and gas corporation about possible gas supply to China. We think about several directions including western one with supply of about 30 bln cubic meters, - Novak said. Besides, minister mentioned the construction of liquid gas production plant in Vladivostok, with up to 10 mln tons capacity.

Now these projects are in the stage of feasibility study and of commercial terms finalization. I suppose, that according to the instructions which were given by our country leaders, these commercial terms will be finalized in the nearest future, - Russian minister said.

At the same time Russia talks about its plans to widen cooperation in coal industry. The strategy till 2030 includes increasing of coal export in far-eastern direction for more than 50 mln tons, - announced Alexander Novak.

According to the words of Russian minister a significant influence on cooperation of Russia and China in energy industry will have a planned move to innovative economy in Russia. This move means, for example, higher coefficient of oil extraction on existing fields, implementation of new technologies, which will let use new fields of hard access. All this will become an additional source to increase oil extraction and refining volumes, as well oil export to foreign markets.

Talking about electric power, innovations may raise coefficient of efficiency of power equipment and generating capacities. Perspective innovative directions are also development of coal and coal chemistry deeper conversion. Russia together with countries of Asia-Pacific region is working on the projects of construction of synthetic liquid fuel, Novak added.

In his interview Alexander Novak said, that foreign partners are actively working in fuel and energy complex in Russia. Today more than 25% of oil is extracted by companies with partly foreign funds, and its more than 125 mln tons of oil, - he said. Russian minister also reminded that most part of FEC objects are strategic function enterprises which are responsible for safety and supply of fuel and energy sources to the domestic market. In connection with this point all decisions about privatization which is going to take place in the nearest future when largescale sale of state assets will start, will be taken very carefully.

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