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18.12.2017 11:46
US President threatens to "incinerate" North Korea
29.11.2017 14:44
Rashid Alimov has a meeting with Shamshad Akhtar in Bangkok
28.11.2017 14:45
SCO-ESCAP relations enter a new stage
27.11.2017 14:46
Rashid Alimov: Economic cooperation is a key priority for SCO at the new development stage. The SCO Secretary-General delivers an address at the ESCAP
24.11.2017 14:51
SCO information stand installed in Bangkok
22.11.2017 14:51
SCO and UN to step up cooperation in preventive diplomacy
16.11.2017 21:19
Trump called all countries to break off trade ties with the DPRK
16.11.2017 20:39
China did not confirm Trump's words about refusing "two frosts" on the Korean Peninsula
16.11.2017 20:08
"Cold war" in the 21st century is impossible – political scientist
14.11.2017 21:24
Medvedev: Russia is interested in Peaceful Settlement of Korean Question
SCO member states conduct anti-terrorist exercise in Yaroslavl
07.12.2017 12:44
SCO member states conduct anti-terrorist exercise in Yaroslavl

The joint anti-terrorist exercise of relevant services of Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan titled Yaroslavl – Antiterror 2017 was successfully conducted in Yaroslavl, coordinated by the Executive Committee of the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure.

The main goals of the exercise were to enhance interaction between relevant authorities of SCO member states in fighting terrorism, separatism and extremism, provide further professional training to officers and servicemen of the special services on organisation of joint anti-terrorist exercise; practice specific skills of the special anti-terrorist corps of the Russian Federal Security Service, the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan and the National State Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan related to release of hostages and neutralization of terrorists in places of mass gathering.

Participants of the exercise demonstrated an example of efficient cooperation and ability to jointly conteract specific types of terrorist threats.

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Terrorism: threats for Central Asia
07.12.2017 12:35
Kyrgyzstan takes over as president of RATS council
07.12.2017 12:30
Syria: achieving victory, securing peace
07.12.2017 11:39
Russia, China Demonstrate 'New Concept of International Security' in Baltic Sea
27.07.2017 17:53
SCO RATS technical experts meet in Beijing
28.06.2017 10:56
SCO participates at Almaty discussion on the role of women and the youth in conflict prevention
26.06.2017 10:34
SCO Secretary-General: “The threat of extremism must be removed without delay”
13.06.2017 07:48
President of Kazakhstan receives heads of delegations attending the SCO Defence Ministers Meeting
07.06.2017 11:21
Legal experts from SCO member-states’ security services discuss preparations for 31st meeting of SCO RATS Council
02.06.2017 14:15
Statement of the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the terrorist attack in Kabul
01.06.2017 14:17