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18.12.2017 11:46
US President threatens to "incinerate" North Korea
29.11.2017 14:44
Rashid Alimov has a meeting with Shamshad Akhtar in Bangkok
28.11.2017 14:45
SCO-ESCAP relations enter a new stage
27.11.2017 14:46
Rashid Alimov: Economic cooperation is a key priority for SCO at the new development stage. The SCO Secretary-General delivers an address at the ESCAP
24.11.2017 14:51
SCO information stand installed in Bangkok
22.11.2017 14:51
SCO and UN to step up cooperation in preventive diplomacy
16.11.2017 21:19
Trump called all countries to break off trade ties with the DPRK
16.11.2017 20:39
China did not confirm Trump's words about refusing "two frosts" on the Korean Peninsula
16.11.2017 20:08
"Cold war" in the 21st century is impossible political scientist
14.11.2017 21:24
Medvedev: Russia is interested in Peaceful Settlement of Korean Question
Why is russian honey valued so high?
07.12.2017 14:34
Why is russian honey valued so high?

Russias organic honey and the country has several thousands of melliferous plants are highly valued abroad. Last year, it exported over 3,600 tons of honey, two thirds of which went to China. Russian honey exports has surged 36-fold since 2010, and demand for the product continues growing, even though China is among the worlds leading honey producers.

Russia made it to the worlds top five honey producers thanks to the Volga, Central and Siberian federal districts, which account for almost 70% of the countrys honey output. The biggest producers are the Republic of Bashkortostan, Primorye and the Altay territory.

Altay is the biggest producer of buckwheat. Buckwheat honey was the first honey-exporting trend back in the czarist Russia.

Other popular varieties are cornflower and garden angelica honey. The value of honey depends on it being mono- or polyfloral. Buckwheat honey is cheaper, while mixed-herb, taiga and alpine varieties are more expensive. Altay beekepers were the first in Russia to prove the unique qualities of their honey made of endemic medicinal plants.

Experts believe that regional Russian brands will help to secure the high status of honey in the global market, especially the worlds most expensive wild honey, the product of wild-honey farming. Bashkortostan is now the only place in the world where this ancient skill is still known.

The mountainous forests of Bashkortostan hold one third of the worlds and half of Russias linden reserves. Linden is one of the worlds main melliferous plants, producing valuable honey varieties. Naturally, it is two-three times more expensive than buckwheat or sunflower honey.

Mikhail Kosyrev, director of the Shulgan Tash state natural biosphere reserve, says that few people now know the skill of wild-honey farming. It is hand-drained, has a dark brown color, is opaque and has a high content of wax, bee-bread and bee pollen. It has the highest price due to the excellent taste and curative properties. The output of such honey in Bashkorstostan does not exceed 4 tons a year.

Mature northern honey varieties are also considered to be of the highest quality. They have the highest content of diastase, a ferment produced by bees. The so-called diastase number helps to understand whether honey is natural.

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