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SCO Secretary-General meets with President of MODUL University Vienna
12.03.2020 11:51

On March 5 inVienna, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov met withPresident ofMODUL University Karl Woeber.

They discussed prospects fororganising joint events topromote tourism and establishing cooperation betweenMODUL University and higher educational institutions inthe SCO member states.

Vladimir Norov spoke aboutthe biggest tourism cooperation projects betweenthe SCO member states, including the Eight Wonders ofthe SCO project embracing the national treasures ofIndia (Statue ofUnity), Kazakhstan (Tamgaly Archaeological Complex), China (Daming Palace Ruins ofTang Dynasty), Kyrgyzstan (Lake Issyk-Kul), Pakistan (the Mughal heritage inLahore), Russia (The Golden Ring), Tajikistan (Navruz Palace) and Uzbekistan (Poi Kalyan architectural ensemble).

Vladimir Norov and Karl Woeber exchanged views onthe training oftourism professionals including guides, tourist group supervisors, hotel employees and other hospitality specialists. The SCO Secretary-General spoke aboutthe higher educational institutions inthe SCO member states that focus ontourism and hospitality services.

Karl Woeber outlined the most recent trends when it comes tothe development ofEuropean tourism policy such asimproving the railway infrastructure, organising individual tours and offering new attractive routes. He invited Vladimir Norov totake part inthe European Cities Marketing International Conference & General Assembly inPoland inJune 2020.

He also brought upwith Vladimir Norov the activities ofthe University ofMODUL Department ofTourism and Hospitality Management, inparticular, the development oftourism policies and products, analysis and forecasting of

demand inthe industry, aswell asthe introduction ofinformation technologies inthe tourism and hospitality sector.

An agreement was reached tocontinue contacts inthe interests ofintensifying tourist exchanges and improving the level and quality ofservices provided.

MODUL University Vienna specialises intourism research and education, sustainable development, new media technologies and public administration.

Established bythe Vienna Chamber ofCommerce in2007, the university relies onan international network ofpartner universities, commercial companies and government agencies.


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