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International Reconstruction Fund is vital for Syria
08.06.2018 16:21

"Russia is counting on the support of SCO participants in rebuilding Syria as a single and indivisible country" said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

"All the necessary conditions have been created to rebuild Syria as a single and indivisible country. But efforts of members of the global community are also needed to achieve this goal."

Despite the fact that fighting continues, the Syrian people is gradually returning to the civilian life. The Syrian post-war recovery problem is returning to center stage. It has been a recurring theme at different levels and forums.

The head of the SCO Business Club told the «InfoSHOS» reporter: «Syria has suffered great damage. War lead to cities and infrastructure destruction. Syria will not be able to rebuild everything on its own. The similar situation was in Afghanistan in 2001 after the confrontation between US-led coalition and Afghan Taliban. At that time the international fund was created that financed the restoration of peace. A significant proportion of funds came from USA, EU countries, and Afghanistan neighbors, like Iran. We should repeat this experience for Syria too."

Expert believes that the international funding is vital for Syria to get back on track. Despite the fact that Syrian economy was ruined, the investment appeal remains as evidenced by Chinese participation in Syrian projects. A major economic forum took place in China in 2017 with hundreds of business communities representatives taking part. The main idea of this forum was Chinese entrepreneurs partnership with Syria.

"We can see that the Chinese "one belt, one road" economic strategy suggests a significant role of Middle Eastern countries, particularly, Syria", said Tyurin.

For this reason, the Business Club head suggests, that not only Iran, that is the major Syrian sponsor, but China as well will provide economic assistance more actively. Russia is counting on the SCO and BRICS participants to support Syrian economy through the new international fund, that will finance the rebuilding projects.

"We should note, that some Western states, including USA, have already claimed, that they are not going to assist rebuilding Syria. It is a really surprising attitude, considering the fact, that the American Aviation specifically caused large-scale damage to Deir ez-Zor and many other human settlements in Eastern Syria. Such claims are really disappointing, especially since the return of civilian life in Syria is a shared international objective, and all states should participate in achieving it" believes Tyurin.

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