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26.09.2019 14:42
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23.09.2019 17:45
Cooperation Across the Continent: How Russian-Chinese Relations Evolved in Recent Years
06.09.2019 16:02
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Russian industry is progressing despite sanctions
04.09.2019 16:52
Pakistan to Buy 36 Mirage V Fighter Jets from Egypt Amid Build-Up With India
04.09.2019 14:53
Belarusian President Offers to Launch Joint Anti-Terror Effort of UN, EU, CSTO, CIS, SCO
23.07.2019 17:39
SCO Secretary-General expressed his condolences on the demise of the IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano
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US Reluctant to Share AI Tech With Other Countries - Security Analyst
12.07.2019 16:23
SCO Kunming International Marathon receives IAAF Bronze Label
08.07.2019 17:57
India should clearly demarcate its fundamental interests
Participation of the Russian Federation in the First China International Import Expo
02.11.2018 15:08

The Russian Federation will participate in the First China International Import Expo as an honoured guest country. The comprehensive preparation or Russia’s participation in the Expo is being done by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and Russian Export Centre JSC (REC).

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will present a national exhibition area at the Expo displaying industrial, trade, and investment potential of the country, as well as promising Russia-China joint projects. In addition to the Russian exhibition area, the Expo will also feature a display by Russian exporters featuring enterprises from multiple industries, including agricultural sector, medical industry and healthcare, high-tech equipment, consumer goods, accessories, and services. The total area of the exhibition area will be 2000 square meters.

In order to arrange and support business meetings with potential buyers of Russian goods, several B2B events will be organised at the Expo fields through the Chinese representative of REC together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the PRC. The Russian part of the Expo business program will include a plenary session, several industry sessions, B2B meetings and presentations, as well as a business mission of Russian companies to China. Russian companies will also participate in the first Hongqiao International Trade Forum. The representatives of Russian enterprises will hold presentations of their projects, business negotiations and meetings with potential Chinese partners and participate in round tables and workshops.

In order to enhance Russia’s image on the global market and raise the interest of Expo participants and guests in Russia as a partner country, the Russian exhibition area will feature an extensive cultural program on 5–7 November. The program will include performances by Severnoye Siyaniye Honoured Folk Art Collective of the Russian Federation, Anzhelika Kulmametova, an Honoured Cultural Worker of Yamal, and Nikolai Rotkin, the winner of Russian and International competitions. The first performance by the choreographic ensemble will take place during the official opening ceremony of the Russian exhibition area. During the Expo, the guests of the Russian exhibition area will enjoy concert program titled “World Folk Dances and Songs”. The cultural program at the Expo will include over 40 artists.

Official website of the Russian Federation, an honoured guest country at the

First China International Import Expo —

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Rosoboronexport sums up the results of MAKS-2019
06.09.2019 16:02
Russian industry is progressing despite sanctions
06.09.2019 15:55
Pakistan to Buy 36 Mirage V Fighter Jets from Egypt Amid Build-Up With India
04.09.2019 16:52
APEC summit exposed outlines of Cold War between USA and China
22.04.2019 12:39
Combat for World Wide Web. USA and China fight for virtual world
22.04.2019 12:29
The SCO Center for Public Diplomacy to Become a Civilizational Bridge Between Countries
27.02.2019 16:41
India enters the markets of Greater Eurasia
18.02.2019 16:12
China and Russia construct «Ice Silk Road»
10.02.2019 15:48
The geometry of Eurasian cooperation: to the memory for Evgeny Primakov
28.01.2019 15:19
Russian business leaders to present their projects at the the First China International Import Expo
02.11.2018 12:22


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