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SCO University Prepares for Première
13.07.2009 14:04
This September SCO University will begin its work. The web site correspondent had a talk with the Russian Sinologist, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Aleksey Maslov, who told how preparations are being made to establish this unique university.

Professor Maslov noted that though SCO is still very young as an organization, but it was just in it that the member states succeeded in joint implementing the project of a single educational space creation that was implemented nowhere else. It is very great progress.

“Students will study there not necessarily under one program. The most important thing is that they will be able to get to know each other inside this common space. As the SCO university students, they will study together with other universities students, and not in a separate group of the SCO university,” said Professor.

Recently a Forum of Rectors of the SCO countries took place in Moscow. Each country chose the university that will represent the SCO network of universities. From Russia 16 universities were suggest, from China – 10, slightly fewer from other SCO countries. Now about 40 universities are united in a single network.

This year the SCO Universities first programs will be used. Students will get trained in several countries by turn. Now five areas have been laid down, according to which education will be provided. In the first place, regional studies. Within their framework the whole region’s languages, history and economy will be taught. Secondly, energetics. In the third place there is environmental science. The SCO member states have a lot of common problems connected with the environmental protection, for example, the question of transboundary water resources.

In the fourth place there are information technologies. New age is the age of informatics. Today not only the Internet is integrated in information technologies, but also, for example, digital television, Handheld Personal Computers developments, common databases creation etc. For the future development of informatics in this region the SCO University will train specialists speaking the language and feeling at home with information technologies. The fifth area of the SCO University is nanotechnology. This area is promising and science intensive. It requires great joint efforts and expensive investigations.

“Later on these areas will be increased,” said Aleksey Maslov. “We have an experience in bilateral programs harmonization, and now the question is about multilateral cooperation. We have never had such an experience, that is why it is necessary to move step by step, leisurely. During this year multilateral format work training will be also held for these universities teachers. The SCO University will begin to train specialists who will work together tomorrow.”
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