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22.07.2020 16:18
SCO Secretariat and Pakistani Centre for Global & Strategic Studies hold a webinar
22.07.2020 15:51
SCO Secretary-General takes part in a videoconference on SCO digital economy and e-commerce in COVID-19 environment
21.07.2020 10:58
SCO Secretary-General meets with Swiss ambassador to China
21.07.2020 10:55
Vladimir Norov: “China’s achievements in eliminating poverty have won high recognition from the world community.” Article by SCO Secretary-General for
16.07.2020 11:49
Upcoming webinar on the theme: "SCO: The way to Regional Cooperation and Integrated Development"
16.07.2020 11:44
Meeting of Experts on Preparations for the Meeting of Health Ministers of the SCO Member States
14.07.2020 09:48
Interview by the SCO Secretary-General on the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the SCO Development Strategy Towards 2025
07.07.2020 11:50
SCO Secretary-General’s interview on the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
06.07.2020 13:03
SCO Secretary-General addresses a special event on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
06.07.2020 13:00
SCO Secretary-General addresses OSCE Security Review Conference
Russia's Presidency in SCO SCO Secretariat SCO Business Council The Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure Of SCO SCO Interbank Consortium Expocenter
Chinese Ambassador: China, Russia ready to strengthen cooperation with other APEC countries
04.09.2012 16:34

Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East is hosting the 20th annual summit of APEC leaders. During the Week of the APEC Summit 2012, Chinese leader Hu Jintao, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other APEC heads of state hold in-depth discussions on promoting development and prosperity of the Asian-Pacific region.

In an interview with the Xinhua news agency, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui described APEC as a crucial mechanism of economic cooperation in Asia Pacific. Over more than twenty years of the organization’s existence, it has played a significant part in promoting liberalization and simplifying trade and investment, deepening regional economic integration, strengthening technical and economic cooperation and joint development in the region.

Today, as the world’s economy is getting increasingly globalized, interdependence of different economies is growing, and management of the global economy has seen several changes. At the same time, the economic situation in the world is complicated and volatile. This creates growing instability on the international financial market, which has become one of the sources of instability and uncertainty in the global economy’s recovery. Simultaneously, energy security, climate changes, large-scale natural calamities and other global challenges are coming to the fore. In this connection, the APEC summit will be of huge importance for expanding cooperation between the parties, overcoming existing difficulties and taking effort to build an Asia Pacific that would be peaceful, developed, prosperous and harmonious, Li Hui said.

For many years, Russia has been consistently strengthening its trade and economic ties with Asian Pacific countries, the ambassador said, and it has contributed actively to the region’s development. The APEC summit in 2012 is chaired by Russia for the first time ever, and Russia has done meticulous work to prepare such a high-level event. “We are positive that successful hosting of the summit will bring new opportunities and give a new incentive for expanding Russia’s cooperation with other APEC economies,” he assured.

Chinese-Russian trade and economic cooperation is an important part of economic interaction in Asia Pacific. China and Russia are the biggest neighbors and also leading emerging markets in Asia Pacific and in the world. Both view the other party’s development as an important opportunity for itself and unfailingly declare development of mutual interaction a priority in cooperation.

Based on the development of Chinese-Russian comprehensive relations of strategic interaction and partnership, China has provided consistent support to the Russian party during preparations for the APEC summit, Li Hui said. Together with Russia and other APEC member states, China is willing to further cooperation in liberalization and simplifying of trade and investment, regional economic integration, innovative development, improvement of transport and logistics chains, mounting of food security and other areas, continuing tireless efforts to encourage joint development of Asia Pacific and to ensure a balanced, tolerant, stable, innovative and safe growth in the region and in the world in general.

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