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13.01.2020 14:10
SCO Secretary-General meets with Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to China
13.01.2020 13:58
The SCO Secretary-General met with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to China
17.12.2019 11:28
China’s Foreign Minister Calls For Free Trade Deal With EU
16.12.2019 13:38
China and India Should Aim To Safeguard World Order Along With Multilateralism
16.12.2019 13:27
University Students from Across India Up in Arms Against New Citizenship Law - Videos
12.12.2019 13:35
Russia Aims to Supply 6-16 Sukhoi SSJ100 Passenger Jets to Pakistan
11.12.2019 13:58
India Sees Nationwide Protests Over Citizenship Bill, Congress Blames BJP for Dividing Country
09.12.2019 18:17
Pakistan Army Rejects Reports of Joint Border Patrols with Iran
09.12.2019 15:05
Uzbekistan plans to chair SCO in 2022
03.12.2019 18:25
Kashmir’s Special Status, a Mess Created by Congress, Says Prime Minister Modi
Russia's Presidency in SCO SCO Secretariat SCO Business Council The Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure Of SCO SCO Interbank Consortium
SCO, Red Cross sign memorandum of understanding
13.06.2017 10:10

On 9 June 2017, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Secretariat and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) signed a memorandum of understanding on the sidelines of the SCO Heads of State Council Meeting in Astana. The document was signed by SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov and ICRC Vice President Christine Beerli.

The memorandum declares that the parties will maintain a dialogue on issues related to international humanitarian law (IHL) applicable only to armed conflicts; help implement IHL norms and other international legal documents; circulate legal information about the IHL and its implementation; develop a dialogue in the humanitarian sphere; and organise events to prevent and respond to emergencies.

The parties will also cooperate in law enforcement, education and healthcare by regularly exchanging information, legal documents and recommendations on issues of mutual interest. They will also cooperate drafting and implementing joint projects and programmes.

Before the signing ceremony, the SCO secretary-general and the ICRC vice president had a meeting where they exchanged opinions on the areas of cooperation of mutual interest.

"We highly appreciate the work done by the ICRC, as its actions demonstrate the organisation's independence and neutrality, and its adherence to the supremacy of law and provision of humanitarian protection," said Mr Alimov. "The SCO shares the same values — respect for generally recognised goals and principles of international law, first of all those related to maintaining global peace and security, developing cooperation between nations, and respect for independence and equality. The SCO proceeds from a format of equal multilateral partnership. This is what we base and will continue to base our interaction with all international structures, regional and non-governmental organisations, on, in particular the ICRC."

The signing of the memorandum with the ICRC, one of the world's oldest organisations, clearly indicates that the SCO seeks to focus on the humanitarian aspect and on ensuring prosperity for people living in the SCO countries.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is an independent organisation that was set up to provide protection and aid to those affected by armed conflicts and clashes. Its other functions include caring for the wounded, visiting prisoners of war and those in jail, reuniting separated families, protecting civilians, providing aid to victims of conflicts and coordinating efforts of the search and rescue services. The ICRC also provides medical aid in the world's hot spots, delivers and distributes humanitarian aid and looks after refugee camps in armed conflict zones and areas hit by natural disasters. The organisation was founded in 1863 and is based in Switzerland (Geneva).

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