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18.06.2017 14:50
SCO participates in Astana Economic Forum
16.06.2017 14:46
SCO Secretary-General: “Since this day, the state flags of eight SCO member states fly around the emerald-blue flag of the Shanghai Cooperation Organi
16.06.2017 10:01
Rashid Alimov: The SCO is now “G8”
15.06.2017 11:29
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: 16 years of steady progress
15.06.2017 11:28
Exhibition on World Heritage Sites of SCO countries opens in Beijing
14.06.2017 11:26
SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov’s comment on the adoption of the SCO Mid-Term Development Strategy (2017-2022)
14.06.2017 11:24
SCO Secretary-General: The Convention on countering extremism is the SCO’s common response to this growing threat
13.06.2017 11:12
Press briefing of the SCO Secretary-General following the SCO Heads of State Council Meeting
13.06.2017 10:10
SCO, Red Cross sign memorandum of understanding
13.06.2017 09:14
SCO Secretary-General meets with President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani
SCO Secretariat SCO Business Council The Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure Of SCO SCO Interbank Consortium
Meeting of the Russian-Afghan Business Council
26.11.2009 10:28
In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation a meeting of the Business Council for cooperation with Afghanistan took place chaired by Boris Pastukhov, Senior Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

President of the Business Council for cooperation with Afghanistan was elected Abubakar Arsamakov, President of Moscow Industrial Bank JSB, who presented his vision of prospective tasks in the work in this area to the participants of the meeting. He emphasized the necessity for more active involvement of Russian regions in cooperation with Afghanistan. Such interest is shown by administrations and entrepreneurs of Astrakhanskaya, Tulslkaya, Orlovskaya oblasts, and the Altai Territory.

Vladimir Katunin, First Deputy President of the Business Council for cooperation with Afghanistan presented information on the activities of the Business Council in 2009. He said that the membership of the Business Council numbers over 40 Russian companies. With its assistance national entrepreneurs have recently invested about $35 million in small fast-payback projects of the Afghan economy.

By request of the Afghan party consultations are being carried out about a medical diagnostic center construction in Kabul. During the meeting a detailed exchange of views took place, particularly on issues of the creation of a website of the Business Council and its activities information coverage.
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19.10.2011 13:22
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18.03.2010 13:10
Russian MFA: The basis of the modern Afghanistan economy was created with the participation of Russia
09.10.2009 14:05
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25.05.2009 09:36
Mongolia Expressed a Wish to Participate in the SCO Projects
17.05.2009 17:06
Dmitry Mezentsev Met with China’s Ambassador
04.05.2009 08:58
Meeting of the Presidents of Kirghizia and Tajikistan
29.04.2009 09:38
Vitaly Churkin: CSTO and SCO Must Be More Involved in Mediation of Adjustment of Disputes
23.04.2009 15:10


Огромное спасибо, что выложили
и на данном событии строена вся сегодняшняя поединок с бизнес- и оффисным рабством, нарушением норм охраны труда, чрезмерной эксплуатацией и на данном событии строится поединок за права человека...
Запрещение выплаты заработной платы товарами, а также хозяйских лавок; агентство инспекционного надзора за защитой труда и все такое прочее, то что было сочинено в Парижском манифесте, окромя разве то что замены долгой армии общим вооружением народа?