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The EU needs the cooperation with Russia
05.04.2018 11:39

German Foreign Minister Haiko Maas said in an interview to Bild news agency that the EU countries need Russia. The European countries hope to cooperate with it. According to him Russia is an important pillar of the world order and cooperation with Moscow on the issues of cessation of armed conflicts and disarmament is necessary for the EU.


Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dustis stands for the same position. In his opinion, the Russian Federation needs the EU to solve global problems that is why it is unacceptable to end the dialogue with the Kremlin. Why are European countries, in spite of imposed sanctions and anti-Russian rhetoric, recognize Moscow's decisive role in the international arena?


The fact is that modern Russia makes a huge contribution to solving overarching issues. This was stated by Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the SPIEF. According to him, the Russian Federation is implementing large-scale environmental programs, including in the Arctic, increasing food supplies to world markets and expanding participation in WHO programs. Moscow plays a key role in the fight against international terrorism.


During the operation of the Russian military service in Syria, more than 54,000 militants of illegal armed groups were killed. With the support of Russian aviation, Syrian troops liberated 400 settlements and more than 10 thousand square kilometers of the territory. It was possible to completely stop the provision of terrorists by suppressing the traffic of hydrocarbons. The terrorists were driven terrorists from strategic locations.


At the same time the main goal of the Russian operation was not military successes, but their political result. The negotiations between the leaders of Russia and the United States can be considered as a turning point in the conflict. The result of talks was the ceasefire regime in Syria. Notwithstanding the anti-Russian rhetoric, the US State Department recognized Moscow's leading role in the ceasefire negotiations. Since then dozens of terror groups have joined the truce and a new round of negotiations has begun in Geneva between the Syrian authorities and the opposition.


In turn the refusal to cooperate with Moscow in dealing with the most acute international problems led to bad consequences, as it was in the former Yugoslavia. The Kremlin's position to strictly follow international norms and the UN Charter allows avoiding unjustified victims and escalating world and regional tensions. Therefore the world leaders realize that dialogue with Moscow is vital.


Thus the European countries were certainly forced to show solidarity with Britain in the Skripal case. In fact many EU leaders understand that this principle of allied relations only draws them into dubious international scandal and forces them to sign under unsubstantiated accusations.


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